Monthly Managed Services - Basic Maintenance, Security, & Backup (Discounted)

Monthly Managed Services – Basic Maintenance, Security, & Backup (Discounted)


Managed WordPress Solution will cost $35.00 per month, and this will include:


  1. Backup: We will back up the web site locally to your web server, and off site to Wasabi (Off site storage that I manage) weekly. This way, if there is ever an issue with GoDaddy, and you need to recover your site to another location, you will be able to without a problem.

  2. Maintenance:  Weekly WordPress maintenance to keep the plugins, and themes up to date.

  3. Firewall(Word Fence): Firewall, and security for your web site. Get real-time firewall rules, malware signatures, country blocking, and block over 40,000 malicious IPs with our dynamically updated IP blocklist. Includes Premium customer support. They also provide clean up services if needed due to malware, or an attach. But for the most part, they have been keeping my sites safe for the past 5 years.

  4. Monitoring: We will monitor your web site and notify you when it is down for more than 10 minutes(Timing can be adjusted). We will monitor the domain and DNS records as well.

  5. Changes: We can take car of minor changes, additions to the site if needed.  For items that take more time, we will bill at the rate quoted below.  

For all other troubleshooting and support, it will be billed out at the discounted rate of $45.00 per hour.

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